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The Meaning Of Color and Home Design Considerations

Before selecting colors for rooms, some thought should be given to the meaning of color. Every color arouses specific feelings. It might also determine the size of a space. Ultimately, it can affect the resale price of your home. In this article, we will cover the meaning of color and home design considerations. The Meaning […]

Renovation Home Loans From HomePath

Renovation home loans from HomePath allow people to buy listings that need some repair. The expense of repairs can be rolled into the loan principal, making purchasing the property possible. In this article is useful information on renovation home loans from HomePath. What Listings Qualify HomePath home loans are solely available on properties owned by […]

Southern California Home Designs for Different Lifestyles

Lifestyle plays a major role in home buyer preferences and home selection. It makes sense. We spend a lot of time in our homes, so it should meet our everyday needs. Those needs are different for everyone, but you’ll find some general trends based on neighborhood and/or region. Understanding those trends can help you make […]

Title Insurance Facts For Southern California Properties

Home buyers often inquire about title insurance, what it is, and if they need it. Lender’s coverage is required with most mortgages, however, an owner’s policy is typically an option. Buyers should think about the benefits and make their own decision given the expense and advantages. In this article you will find title insurance facts […]

Preparing Your Southern California Home For Sale

It is essential to make your home look its best before showings. When people visit a property, they must be able to imagine living there. Preparing your Southern California home for sale entails several fundamental tasks and will lead to your property selling faster and for closer to asking price. In this article you will […]

Why Buying a Home in Southern California is Cheaper than Renting

Most potential first time home buyers are faced with the same question,… should I rent or buy a home? Most look at straight monthly expenses when comparing the two options, which is understandable but not entirely accurate. By only comparing monthly expenses, you are ignoring some of the greatest benefits of home ownership. Thus, your […]

Selling Your Home In Southern California As-is

Real estate buyers and sellers may be familiar with the word as-is. This might be a beneficial condition for sellers, but it is critical to understand how a potential might react to that term. Here is some important information on selling your home in Southern California as-is. Definition of As-Is As-is signifies that a home […]

Reasons Why Millennials Choose to Rent vs. Own a Home

Deciding whether to rent vs. buy is a dilemma faced by every generation. Unlike most of the generations before them, millennials seem to favor renting over buying. Here’s a look a few reasons why millennials choose to rent vs. own a home and what investors can do to better target millennial home buyers. Reasons Why […]