Choosing Between Custom And Production Builders In Southern California


With so many home building companies out there, it may be confusing figuring out what type you want for your building project. From plot plans to designs and materials, every builder can handle things differently. There are some common themes regarding choosing between custom and production builders in Southern California.

Typical Custom Builders

Although many custom builders build on lots that belong to them, most require that buyers own the land. This allows you the ability to use your own floor plans. As the name implies, custom builders usually focus on unique properties. Certain custom builders may even include in-house architectural services. They also construct high-end, residential properties, and take on 25 projects or less each year. For individuals with extensive budgets, selecting a custom builder will offer the most customization.

Typical Production Builders

Production builders often follow the same practices and are normally less accommodating than custom builders. They often build on lots that they purchased and prefer that customers select from a few different standard floor plans. However, they may provide a number of alternatives such as your choice of floor materials, counter tops, kitchen cabinets and fixtures. Production builders handle all forms of housing, from single-family homes to condominiums and rental buildings. They also span all price points from entry level to move-up. Lastly, their volume is often higher than that of custom builders. If you are someone who is budget constrained, production builders may be a better selection.

Choosing Between Custom And Production Builders In Southern California

The information above on choosing between custom and production builders in Southern California are strictly common characteristics. Some builders are hybrids. Although price point is one of the biggest factors in receiving some of your wants and getting everything that you want, you also need to consider exactly how much input you would like going into your new property. Availability of land for sale can also influence things. Regardless of which option you choose, most builders will allow a certain level of customization. You ultimately will want a home that best fits both your wishes and your finances.