Invest in Fix and Flip Real Estate

Real estate provides significant returns and is a hedge against inflation

Homes, Inc. acquires distressed fix and flip properties which are then renovated to new market standards and sold where profits are quickly reinvested into new assets.

  • Generate Cash Flow

    Build value and generate cash flow by owning a portion of each Homes, Inc. partnership offering

  • Diversify Your Portfolio

    Add a tangible, liquid asset to your portfolio with a proven track record of appreciation and stability

  • Reduce Your Risk

    Partner money is pooled amongst multiple individuals, each owning their proportionate share of the asset deeds, minimizing risk

Our associations include:

How do you make money?

Our fix and flip process involves buying, renovating, and selling/renting residential real estate – you make a portion of the profit


Investor money is pooled to purchase distressed residential real estate at below-market costs


We allocate an additional portion of investor funds to renovate our properties, increasing their values


We rent or resell these renovated homes, generating short term cash to return to our investors

Don’t take our word for it…

I purchased a home from Homes, Inc. and I was extremely impressed with the quality of the rehab and the appearance of the home. It looked brand new!  I would definitely purchase another home from Homes, Inc. and I highly recommend them.

Stephen Etheredge
Stephen EtheredgeInvestor

I observed the home condition when it was purchased and after Homes, Inc. rehabilitated it. They did a great job and we were able to sell the home for them at a significant profit.

Grant Linscott
Grant LinscottBroker

I have worked with Homes, Inc. on numerous residential real estate projects and have found them to be very fair, very professional and always honoring their commitments.

Zoki Pavlovic
Zoki PavlovicContractor

How are we different from REITs?

Homes, Inc. Residential Fix and Flip Investments differ from Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) in several ways

Income / Loss Pass-Through

Limited Partnerships like Homes, Inc. can pass through tax losses, which may then be used by investors to offset taxable gains.

High Appreciation Potential

Your money is put to use directly into the purchase and renovation of distressed assets, and has a high appreciation potential.

Your Opinion Counts

Our partners have a say in which properties we purchase.  A vote among partners determines if a property is added to the portfolio.

Accredited Investors Only

We only work with fully accredited investors.  You are purchasing a big portion of real estate and allowing us to put your money to work.

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Accredited Investor Status:*

I am an accredited investorI am not an accredited investor
Accredited investors are individuals with income over $200,000 (or joint income with my spouse of more than $300,000) in each of the past two years and reasonably expect to reach the same level in the current year, AND/OR have an individual net worth in excess of $1,000,000.