Buying Versus Renting Southern CA Properties

There are many factors when thinking about buying versus renting, and it may vary depending on the current market and your financial situation. The Information On Buying Versus Renting Southern CA Properties below may assist you in making an informed decision on which option is beneficial to you.

Buying Versus Renting

Renting Southern CA Properties

Renting is a typically good decision if you do not intend to stay in the neighborhood for several years, are uncertain about employment stability, have declining credit standing, or basically do not wish to manage the upkeep of a residence. Unless the real estate market is hot and/or on a quick incline, it normally takes five or more years to build equity. If you are apprehensive about how many years would like to stay in a home, renting could be the conservative option. Employment stability is one more factor. If you rent, you may quickly react to loss of employment by changing to a less expensive rental and thereby reducing monthly payments. A mortgage payment is not as easily reduced. If you have poor credit, that may result in higher home loan payments, making purchasing a home a less affordable option. Lastly, taking care of a property takes time, energy, and money. There are routine expenses related to real estate upkeep. You may decide that taking on those repairs are not preferable or are not feasible for you.

Buying Southern CA Properties

Purchasing has several advantages such as possible tax deductions for loan interest and real estate taxes, creation of equity, and control over your home features. In a majority of cases, purchasing a home costs close to or less than renting. If you foresee living in the area for an extended period of time, properties also historically generates equity for a good return on investment. A poor market is a good time to buy since sale prices are lower and the potential for gain better. Finally, buying a property allows you to make the space your own. You can change appliances, flooring, fixtures, and other elements to create a unique space. These elements make real estate ownership extremely appealing both personally and financially.

Information On Buying Versus Renting Southern CA Properties

Estimate the cost of buying versus renting (based on existing real estate prices and mortgage rates). When real estate prices decline, rental costs do not always follow, so a poor real estate economy may be the optimal time to buy. The above information on buying versus renting Southern CA properties is only a generic comparison. Before making a decision, speak with a real estate broker for up to date information on the housing prices and a mortgage loan officer on mortgage rates and possible payment totals. Only with up-to-date information can you develop an informed decision.