Mortgage Approval Considerations for Southern California Home Loans


Pre-approvals do not always lead to final mortgage approval. Mortgage companies complete a thorough review before granting an approval. The process does not usually begin until after a home is identified because they must consider both the financial data of applicants and details of the property being financed. The following are some mortgage approval considerations for Southern California home loans.

Personal Details Assessed

Ability to Complete Payments

Lenders will examine your assets, earnings and debts to calculate if you can make the monthly payments. Current savings and a regular employment track record demonstrate sound financial behavior. The amount and kinds of debt you maintain are also looked at. Lenders think about not only your present situation. They also attempt to gauge the long-term capability to pay the loan.

Likelihood of Repayment the Mortgage

Lenders examine how likely you are to make payments over the term of the mortgage. This is where credit rating is reviewed. Your previous conduct is the best indication of future behavior. A poor loan background can impede your prospects of obtaining a loan or lead to higher payments.

Real Estate Factors

Appraisal Value

Mortgage companies depend on appraisers to supply important information on a home. The most important part of an appraisal is the valuation, which is given in an exact amount. Lenders give mortgages up to a specific percentage of the market value and the appraisal is utilized to confirm that number.

Mortgage Company Protection

After a loan is issued, lenders want affirmation that their investment will be secure. They typically include title insurance. For loans with loan to value ratios greater than 80%, mortgage insurance is likely mandated. The amount of combined title and mortgage insurance may differ depending on the mortgage type. This added fee may ultimately affect how much a buyer can afford.

More Mortgage Approval Considerations For Southern California Home Loans

Mortgage companies can take several weeks to examine a mortgage application prior to issuing an approval, a denial, or requesting more details. Approval criteria can vary based on the type of loan and the circumstances of the buyer or home. The mortgage approval considerations for Southern California home loans above are merely a few many common factors. Always consult with a lending professional for guidance on your real estate purchase. Contact Matthew Rapoport at (213) 334-4141 or [email protected] for more guidance on this and similar topics.