Preparing Your Southern California Home For Sale


It is essential to make your home look its best before showings. When people visit a property, they must be able to imagine living there. Preparing your Southern California home for sale entails several fundamental tasks and will lead to your property selling faster and for closer to asking price. In this article you will find guidelines for Southern California listings.

Preparing A Property For Showings – Guidelines For Southern California Listings

Repair and Switch

Remove any fixtures that will not be sold with the home. This minimizes confusion. Additionally address needed repairs such as cracks in walls, broken floor tiles, and dripping drains. When visitors notice obvious items that are ignored, they imagine that you must also neglect other basic matters through the years.

Make Things Neutral

During the time your property is listed for sale, make the rooms less specific to you. This means eliminating any things that may distract potential buyers or give them preconceptions about who you are as a home owner. Hide family photos and items that make obvious sentiments.

Cleaning Up

Give your home a thorough cleaning. Unclean spaces deter visitors. Try to minimize clutter. Cluttered spaces or oversized pieces of furniture can make rooms seem smaller. Look into renting a storage unit for unused furniture and rarely used items. Freshen up closets, kitchen cabinets, and other spaces as visitors tend to peek inside. A clean and clutter-free home enables viewers to overlook the personal furnishings.

Remove Valuables

No matter how closely you or your broker keep an eye on visitors, accidents and thefts do happen. Protect your family heirlooms and other items by putting them in a hidden place. Pay close attention to small items that can be quickly taken. Lastly, young children might accompany adults, so secure any things that are easily broken and easily reached by small visitors.

Preparing Your Southern California Home For Sale and Final Items

Lastly, there are some to-dos that you can complete immediately before a showing.

  • Remove Trash
  • Organize the Beds
  • Hide the Laundry
  • Brighten up the Space

Preparing your Southern California home for sale will lend the way to more interest from buyers and more favorable offers. For additional information on preparing a property for showings or guidelines for Southern California listings, contact Matthew Rapoport (213) 334-4141 or [email protected]