Southern CA Condominium Versus Single Family Homes

A common debate among first time buyers is whether to purchase a condominium or single family house. Both provide different benefits. Buyers naturally evaluate prices between the two options, but there are other considerations to be aware of. Here are several factors for deciding between Southern CA condominium versus single family homes.

Amount of Privacy

Although unattached condominiums are an option in certain regions, usually condominiums are adjoined to one another. Therefore, you normally share walls or floors as well as other areas. If detachment and privacy are important, then single families are a better option.

Social Environment

Because of the relation to other homes and the amenities, Southern CA condominium versus single family homes can be very different. With condominiums, you have more opportunities to socialize with neighbors (while using community amenities). With single family homes, your property is separated from your neighbors, so meeting others will take a deliberate effort. However, some single families located in planned communities might still provide direct interactions if there are community amenities.

Control Over Renovations

The power to perform renovations is an important difference in Southern CA condominium versus single family homes. With condominiums, there are guidelines on what you may or may not do to your property. In most complexes, you may renovate the inside of your home so long as you do not alter the structure. Exterior features are usually controlled by the association. With single families, you may alter any part of the inside or outside of your property. You have more power (limited only by applicable building codes).

Home Repairs

Condominiums need less maintenance compared to single family homes . This is because Condominium fees usually take care of general maintenance such as landscaping and exterior building repairs. So, you do not need to perform certain tasks on your own. With single families, you must complete all of the maintenance, both interior and exterior. If you have limited time for such tasks, then simplified condominium living could be a good fit.

Comparing Southern CA Condominium Versus Single Family Homes

There really is no answer to Southern CA condominium versus single family homes and which option is best. Each offers different advantages. Ultimately, it depends on your specific preferences. Do you prefer to complete fewer maintenance tasks? Do you require extra privacy? What type of social environment do you want? Do you intend to rehab? By answering these questions, you can make an informed decision.