Southern California Home Designs for Different Lifestyles

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Lifestyle plays a major role in home buyer preferences and home selection. It makes sense. We spend a lot of time in our homes, so it should meet our everyday needs. Those needs are different for everyone, but you’ll find some general trends based on neighborhood and/or region. Understanding those trends can help you make better decisions when it comes to renovating your home or selecting a home with optimal resale potential. After all, everyone’s goal when it comes to primary residences or investment properties is to maximize value. Here are a few common Southern California home designs for different lifestyles.

Active Entertainers

For individuals that love to host parties, an open concept and large kitchen is key. Open floor plans tend to accommodate more guests and extend the space used for entertaining. Plus, with any gathering, kitchen space is essential for food preparation and presentation. Entertainers will also look for exterior entertaining space such as a large patio or deck. Access to the exterior should be convenient from the kitchen and other essential interior rooms.

Young Professionals

Young professionals tend to focus on their careers and have little time for home maintenance. Therefore, they often look for homes that are updated and require little maintenance. Some desirable features include updated kitchens/baths, newer systems (heating, cooling, electric, plumbing), low-maintenance landscaping, maintenance-free siding and roof, etc.

Families with Young Children

Families with young children often focus on layout and storage. Anyone with children will tell you that they have a lot of “stuff.” Large bedroom closets and on-site long-term storage options are important. As for layout, bedrooms typically need to be on the same living level and preferably in close vicinity to the master suite. Parents like to keep a close eye on their children while they perform their routine tasks, so they will often look for a living room or family room to be visible from the kitchen. Nooks for kids toys are also a plus.

Families with Older Children

Unlike families with young children, families with older children prefer master suites to be distant from other bedrooms (or better yet, on a completely different living level). Homes with multiple and separate living spaces are also a plus. For instance, a home with both a living and family room and different ends of the home would be great. This way, parents can quietly enjoy one space while the kids are in another.  Flexible floor plans would also be a bonus as kids leave the nest and parents look to repurpose certain spaces for their use.

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Understanding Southern California home designs for different lifestyles is important when it comes to property resale value. Matching the lifestyle of potential home buyers increases the demand (and therefore value) of your home. So, take a look at your geographic area and evaluate the predominant buyer profile. Are you in a high-tech area that attracts lots of young professionals? Does the community contain features desirable to families with children? Are you near amenities that fit buyers with active lifestyles and who like to entertain?