Tips On Getting Free Credit Reports Yearly


The Fair Credit Reporting Act gives you the power to obtain a credit report from each of the 3 credit bureaus every 12 months free of charge. The FTC started this rule to allow people access to their credit reports. The tips on getting free credit reports yearly below will help you exercise your rights.

What Do Credit Reports Detail

Each credit report includes personal information and financial activities. This includes your past addresses, credit cards and mortgages, and monetary judgments against you such as a law suit or bankruptcy filing. Credit history is used by credit card companies, employers, insurance companies, and the like to gauge your financial worthiness. It is therefore very important to confirm that your information is up to date.

Requesting Report Copies

There are 3 separate credit bureaus: Equifax, Experian, and Transunion. Each will have somewhat distinct sets of data on you. They also tally scores differently. You may obtain a copy of your report online at This site was created for this specific purpose. You can also call them at 1-877-322-8228 or print and mail the request form from their website. You will be required to give your name, birth date, social security, and current and past addresses to establish your identity.

Alternate Website Resources

There are several additional online resources that extract information from certain credit bureaus and keep track of credit activity. They apprise you of certain events in your credit file (such as your credit score being requested or new debts being established). This is helpful for keeping track of your score in between the 12 months and catching any fraudulent activity. is one service that offers no-cost service and will not actually ask you for a credit card. Many alternate websites are promoted as free but ultimately charge a fee after the initial month, so be aware of the terms before signing up. Also be careful of fake websites that appear for slightly mis-typed web addresses. These sites are established to take your personal information.

Summary of Tips On Getting Free Credit Reports Yearly

The above tips on getting free credit reports yearly will hopefully get you started. Fetch a copy of your report and inspect it closely. Contact the credit bureaus to correct mistakes. For more serious matters, consider contacting a credit consultant for further help. This blog is intended strictly as an introduction and should not be taken as legal advice.